Marly. Am 24 and still fangirl. Malaysian. A Science graduate student. A Catholic. Am looking 10 years younger than actual age. The Strokes are my heroes. Jules is my inspiration. Sorry for my bad English. I am fond of retro vibes, rock and roll, grunge, reggae and cool musics.
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julian at coachella

why does haim have fuchi faces?

Julian Casablancas (via amadaun23)

(via julesforpresident)

I always spent less time in bars than the my-life-on-acid version of me in the press did.


Julian Casablancas & The Voidz - Coachella 2014

via Spin

(via julesforpresident)


Arctic Monkeys cover The Strokes // Take it or Leave it

(via julesforpresident)

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