Marly. Am 24 and still fangirl. Malaysian. A Science graduate student. A Catholic. Am looking 10 years younger than actual age. The Strokes are my heroes. Jules is my inspiration. Sorry for my bad English. I am fond of retro vibes, rock and roll, grunge, reggae and cool musics.
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Julian and Juliet's Wedding

Your frontman Julian emphasized his heterosexuality by marrying his girlfriend Juliet Joslin in February. Were you invited?
Fab:No, I had to wait outside, they don’t like Brazilians in the “Tavern on Green” (laughs)
Nick:Sure we all were there. Nikolai was the best man and the three of us were there as a backup.
What did you do as a backup?
Nick:Being there and just in case Nikolai fucks up.
Fab:We had all gathered in this small room behind the altar and I felt as if we were about to have a concert. That was really strange.There you can see how deep the Strokes are in us.
So in the church was one side for the bride’s family, one for the broom’s family and in the middle The Strokes?
Albert:Yeah, a bit like in the video “November rain”
Nick:With a big lightshow…
Fab:The guy run out of the wedding cake panicked by the rain..
Nick:The pyrotechnics had a lot to do. When they both said: “I do.” on both sides of the stage started big fireworks. Because it was really a stage, the thing happened in Madison Square Garden.
Albert:Nothing of that is true. The wedding was quite traditional, Juliet had her bridesmaids and all… Fab: We shouldn’t really talk abotu the wedding with Julian, a wedding is something pretty personal, right?
Nick:True! It’s a pity, I was just getting started… But, let’s drop it.

Source: “8 Songs and Stories From Our Broken Relationships” by Consequence of Sound.

Dan Pfleegor talks about ‘Is This It’ by The Strokes

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Is This It is about wanting more. More from life. More from love. And more from the world in general. I grabbed the album in 2001. It was the start of my senior year of high school, and I spent hours lost in the indie rock revival that pumped through my Walkman. I couldn’t get enough. You can imagine the shock when I learned my CD was missing a track that was only present on the international release. “New York City Cops” was deemed too insulting following the 9/11 attacks and thus stripped from the American pressings. But I wanted it. Badly. I needed more songs. My girlfriend managed to track it down at a local record store and gifted it over. Heartbeats fluttered and hammered through my chest. Even the cover art was superior. I was in love.

Flash forward 10 years. I was seeing a different girl. She also adored The Strokes. Is This It became the soundtrack of lazy weekend days in bed, as well as a go-to when hosting friends for dinner. But that all came to an end, too. In fact, “Barely Legal”, “Someday”, and “Alone, Together” bled from the speakers as we decided to end things. Again, my heart thumped like a herd of wild bison. But this time it was shattered.

A part of me feared I’d never be able to listen to Is This It again. I had a similar experience with Miranda July’s 2007 film The Future, which is a movie I’ve not been able to finish because its tale of a grief hit like a cement boxing glove. But fortunately, I mustered the strength and returned to Is This It. When I listen now, I relive the soaring highs of my first love, as well the melancholy pit of a failed relationship. A co-worker gave me a vinyl copy of Is This It for Christmas. It was the American version. It’s hard to explain, but somehow that just felt right. – Dan Pfleegor


The Strokes /// © Gordon Raphael


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"When we weren’t practicing, we would walk down to a bar and hand out flyers to our show.  The whole idea was that if you showed up to places as a band, even if they wouldn’t go to your show, eventually they’d be like ‘oh who are those guys over there?’  Oh it’s just The Strokes, they always come here.  It’s like a cartoon, almost like a joke cartoon, of us coming out of like a little car."  

Albert Hammond Jr. in Scene+Heard, Episode 1: The Strokes 

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